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Burning Plants

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Following up on the last postRPG relationship mapping with Graphviz, I have updated the Burning Locusts relationship map to reflect developments in session four using PlantUMLPlantUML. PlantUML is a little simpler to use and has more batteries included than Graphviz. I will skip the tutorial for this post but will include the source code.

What to graph

There are different ways to view the game’s people, places, and things. Instead of trying to map everything, for this iteration, I am focusing on the following types of connections because they see a lot of play from session to session:

In the case of working/contractual relationships, several agreements have been made between the player characters and non-player characters. Graphing them helps to visualize the obligations and conflicts of interest.

Currently, the working relationships are:

In later posts, I will zoom in on other types of relationships.

The graph

Source code

This source code is cribbed heavily from Jeremy at Take on RulesUsing PlantUML to Model RPG Relationship Maps.

!theme reddress-darkorange

'PCs: using the person node
person Antonius as antonius
person Ansidora as ansidora
person Frederico as frederico

'NPCs: actor/ for humans, actor for dwarves
actor/ Biagio as biagio
actor/ Maccio as maccio
actor Fiego as fiego
actor/ "Lord Jade" as lord_jade
actor/ "Lady Jade" as lady_jade
actor Vadam as vadam
actor Tumoll as tumoll
actor Ginna as ginna
actor Stavros as stavros
actor "Old Ronie" as old_ronie
actor Charles as charles
actor/ Adriano as adriano
actor Silas as silas

'Factions: using the cloud node
cloud hinterland_players as "Hinterland Players"
cloud thieves_guild as "Thieves Guild"
cloud city_council as "City Council"
cloud engravers_guild as "Engravers Guild"

antonius <-> biagio : "friends"
antonius --> maccio : "uncle"
lady_jade <-l-> lord_jade : "married"
frederico <-r-> lady_jade : "having affair"
ansidora <-> vadam : "divorced"
vadam <--> stavros : "partners in crime"
ginna <-> tumoll : "dating"
ansidora --> tumoll : "mother"
ansidora --> vadam : "runecasted"
silas --> ginna : "ex"
silas --> ansidora : "enmity"
ansidora --> silas : "oath"
vadam --> tumoll : "father"
charles --> ansidora : "father"
fiego --> antonius : "works for"
fiego --> lord_jade : "works for"
maccio --> antonius : "works for"
frederico --> antonius : "works for"
frederico --> ansidora : "works for"
antonius --> ansidora : "works for"
antonius --> hinterland_players : "member"
biagio --> hinterland_players : "member"
lord_jade --> hinterland_players : "member"
adriano --> hinterland_players : "member"
frederico --> thieves_guild : "member"
biagio --> city_council : "member"
charles --> engravers_guild : "member"
old_ronie --> engravers_guild : "former member"
old_ronie --> charles : "mentor"
vadam --> stavros : "oath"