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â—Š(define-meta title "Burning Plants")
â—Š(define-meta published "2022-01-22")
â—Š(define-meta topics "RPGs, Burning Wheel, Burning Locusts, Hacks, PlantUML")


Following up on the last postâ—Šsidenote{â—Šlink["/posts/rpg-relationship-mapping-with-graphviz.html"]{RPG relationship mapping with Graphviz}}, I have updated the â—Šemph{Burning Locusts} relationship map to
reflect developments in session four using PlantUMLâ—Šsidenote{â—Šlink[""]{PlantUML}}.
PlantUML is a little simpler to use and has more batteries included than
Graphviz. I will skip the tutorial for this post but will include the
source code.

â—Šsection{What to graph}
There are different ways to view the game's people, places, and
things. Instead of trying to map everything, for this iteration, I am
focusing on the following types of connections because they see a lot
of play from session to session:

  â—Šitem{Oaths/Dwarven Runecasting}

In the case of working/contractual relationships, several agreements
have been made between the player characters and non-player
characters. Graphing them helps to visualize the obligations and
conflicts of interest.

Currently, the working relationships are:

  â—Šitem{Fiego works for Lord Jade but was lent out to Antonius}
  â—Šitem{Frederico is gathering information for Antonius}
  â—Šitem{Frederico agreed to help Ansidora steal her stuff back from Vadam}
  â—Šitem{Antonius agreed to do a family portrait for Ansidora (and buy back her stuff from Vadam), made firm by a Duel of Wits}
  â—Šitem{Maccio is working for his uncle Antonius}

In later posts, I will zoom in on other types of relationships.

â—Šsection{The graph}

â—Šfigure-popout["burning-plants-1.svg" #:fullwidth #t]{}

â—Šsection{Source code}

This source code is cribbed heavily from Jeremy at Take on
Rulesâ—Šsidenote{â—Šlink[""]{Using PlantUML to Model RPG Relationship Maps}}.

  !theme reddress-darkorange
  'PCs: using the person node
  person Antonius as antonius
  person Ansidora as ansidora
  person Frederico as frederico
  'NPCs: actor/ for humans, actor for dwarves
  actor/ Biagio as biagio
  actor/ Maccio as maccio
  actor Fiego as fiego
  actor/ "Lord Jade" as lord_jade
  actor/ "Lady Jade" as lady_jade
  actor Vadam as vadam
  actor Tumoll as tumoll
  actor Ginna as ginna
  actor Stavros as stavros
  actor "Old Ronie" as old_ronie
  actor Charles as charles
  actor/ Adriano as adriano
  actor Silas as silas
  'Factions: using the cloud node
  cloud hinterland_players as "Hinterland Players"
  cloud thieves_guild as "Thieves Guild"
  cloud city_council as "City Council"
  cloud engravers_guild as "Engravers Guild"

  antonius <-> biagio : "friends"
  antonius --> maccio : "uncle"
  lady_jade <-l-> lord_jade : "married"
  frederico <-r-> lady_jade : "having affair"
  ansidora <-> vadam : "divorced"
  vadam <--> stavros : "partners in crime"
  ginna <-> tumoll : "dating"
  ansidora --> tumoll : "mother"
  ansidora --> vadam : "runecasted"
  silas --> ginna : "ex"
  silas --> ansidora : "enmity"
  ansidora --> silas : "oath"
  vadam --> tumoll : "father"
  charles --> ansidora : "father"
  fiego --> antonius : "works for"
  fiego --> lord_jade : "works for"
  maccio --> antonius : "works for"
  frederico --> antonius : "works for"
  frederico --> ansidora : "works for"
  antonius --> ansidora : "works for"
  antonius --> hinterland_players : "member"
  biagio --> hinterland_players : "member"
  lord_jade --> hinterland_players : "member"
  adriano --> hinterland_players : "member"
  frederico --> thieves_guild : "member"
  biagio --> city_council : "member"
  charles --> engravers_guild : "member"
  old_ronie --> engravers_guild : "former member"
  old_ronie --> charles : "mentor"
  vadam --> stavros : "oath"